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  • Islamic Trust

    Islamic Trust

    03 February 2013
    Focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community whilst ensuring services are open to all. Meet the needs of the local community by promoting health, education and employment opportunities.
  • Islamic Trust

    Islamic Advisory

    Manchester Central Mosque has arranged an islamic advisery session open to everyone monday to thursday between 1-3 pm.
  • Marriage Service

    Marriage Service

    22 July 2012
    Marriage Service has been started. Pls get a form from the office or down load from the web site and hand over back to them after fill in. We will contact you as soon as we find a suitable match for you. For more details pls call Mr Ghulam Rabbani 0751 300 4683
  • Dars e Quran For Ladies

    Dars e Quran For Ladies

    01 October 2011
    Every Saturday from 11am to 12.30 pm. Speech by Sister Zunaira Amber (Umma TV). All young Sisters and Ladies are welcome at Central Mosque Victoria Park Manchester.Salatus Tasbih will be read before Dars starts.

Online Services

  • Islamic Surgery by Mufti Subhani every day 1pm to 3pm
  • Fiqh class by Mufti Fazal Qayum Subhani every Saturday at 11am
  • Children daily Quraan Class from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 6.30pm
  • Ladies Zikar Mehfil by Sisters of Dawat e Islami at 12 every Sunday
  • Ladies dars Quraan by Mrs Zunaira Ambar every Saturday at 11:30
  • Youth lecture by Imam Asim every Friday at 7:30pm
  • Quran Class for adults ladies only every Sunday at 12noon.



Manchester Central Mosque

It is interesting to note that the Muslim Students in Manchester used to celebrate Eid at Britannia Restaurant, opposite the BBC television building, every year. In 1948 a meeting was arranged at Manchester University to discuss purchasing a property for the mosque . A semi detached house at 22-Upper Park Road,Victoria Park,Manchester was then bought for £2,250.
Jamiat ul Muslimeen was already in existence and had £550 on account. A sum of £1,000 was kindly donated by Mr Ahmad Dawood (Dawood Textile Pak). Mr M.Hanif and Mr M.Ismail, both from Memon families, contributed £750 and £500 was collected from the rest of the Muslim Community. A sum of £550 was spent to make a room for prayer,a room for meetings and a room for sports. There were 10/15 regular Juma Namazi and the first Eid was Celebrated by 50 Muslim, Hindu and Sikh community members in the mosque. Food was also served. In December 1968 it was decided to build a new mosque, an architect was appointed and a collection was started. A semi-detached house next door which belonged to a Syrian Brother was donated it towards the new project in 1970.

Indoor sports competitions were also held every year. The record shows the first Trustees of the Jamiat ul Muslimeen as:

1- Mr Nazir ud Din
2- Mr A.M.Hilli
3- Mr Jan Mohammad
4- Mr Rukin Din

The first Imam and President of the Jamiat was Mr Abdullah Kasas and the Secretary Mr Akbar Ali O.B.E. who is an Engineer by profession currently lives in Liverpool. All the Muslim students union i.e. Egyptian,Indian,Pakistani and Syrian had their offices at the mosque and used to hold their meetings at the mosque.

New Muslim Advice
If you are a New Muslim or are thinking about taking the Shahadah (declaration of faith) then please read this advice carefully.
Religious Advice
Advice on religion and spiritual matters from Famous Ulama and Qari's especially those of the imams of the haramain.
Lectures & Training
Talks, lectures and training. Training. One of our main services is giving courses or talks on the subject of decision-making.